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I have been following the news regarding Apple and its throttling of older iPhones.  I find this development troubling since I have believed for the last four years that my iPhone DOES slow down around the time that the new models come out.  This was not an issue in the past since I used to replace it annually, but have stopped doing so, since I believe the new features are not impactful enough.  The result of the throttling and slowdown is that consumers believe Apple is doing this to push consumers into buying the latest models and have lost trust in the company.

Google is another company that has been losing trust from many governments and individuals lately.  Many of these people and institutions believe that Google is manipulating rankings in its search engine depending on how much a company pays and whether or not these sites benefit Google.  Additionally, the European Union has initiated legal procedures against Google and has fined it multiple times because it believes Google is engaging in monopolistic practices.

Amazon has been accused by many of taking advantage of tax state laws, especially in its early years, to grow at the expense of competitors including Walmart and other large retailers.  Additionally, it also has been accused of spying secretly on consumers through its Echo/Alexa gadgets.

The combination of such acts by these companies has resulted in loss of trust by the public.

As these and other issues, including the Equifax breach, prove is that technology, while enabling people to do things easier and faster, also raises many troubling ethical issues.  The bottom line is that high tech companies need to proactively take steps to protect the public's privacy and maintain its trust.  Some of these steps should be:





By taking these actions, high technology companies will be able to assure its customers, the public, and governments that they are serious about gaining their trust.


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Mario's Corner - February 2018.  

Apple, Amazon, Google and The Loss of Public Trust in High Technology Companies.