Mario's Corner - February 2020.

Implementing Innovation.

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Today, I would like to share with you my thoughts on the importance of successful implementation of innovation

Thomas Alva Edison, the great inventor AND businessman stated that "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration."  What he meant is that sometimes execution and hard work are more important than insight or intelligence in successfully creating and bringing a product/solution to market.  I have been thinking about this quote in the past few days.  The reason for it is that I am working with a start-up that was founded by two brilliant individuals.  I have been observing these entrepreneurs and have realized that they are great at creating and then implementing their innovative solutions.  In other words, they have been able to come up with an idea and THEN execute it successfully.  There are many reasons for their ability to execute but three stand out:

1.  They deliver what they promise - A clear example of this is the promise made to one of their key clients on delivering a new product.  Their client suggested working with a company that has experience in this area.  The suggestion was quickly accepted.  The result was a product delivered on time and according to the client's specifications and needs.

2.  They believe that even if something is not invented by them, it is still worth examining - The result is that some of their best work is done by working with other developers who are not part of their start-up.

3.  Their ability to communicate amongst themselves and with the rest of the organization creates a great atmosphere - One of the common issues continuously brought up by their employees is that both individuals work and think as one!  Thus, if one of them is asked a question and the answer is yes, the other will not contradict him.  Thus, the people who work for them know that they are working in tandem so there is no reason to question any of their decisions.

The results of this ability to execute are:

1.  What the company promises, it delivers (and usually overdelivers).

2.  They have respect for other organizations and individuals and thoroughly evaluate the alternatives before dismissing these.

3.  They communicate clearly and consistently and work out all differences between themselves before communicating policies and processes to the rest of the organization.  These entrepreneurs also decide who will be the leader of the organization at any particular point in time depending on who is the best suited for a particular task given their experience and expertise.

Although coming up with great ideas is quite difficult, executing them successfully is much more difficult.  This is the "99% perspiration" that every entrepreneur has to master.  Given these entrepreneurs' abilities to innovate and the execute flawlessly in tandem, I have no doubt that their start-up will be very successful in the near AND long term.


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