Blue Sail Consulting: Business Planning, Innovation, and Execution

Whether you are launching into a new segment, or developing a new product and preparing to launch it, it is crucial to execute your plans flawlessly.  

Although we can help our clients to implement their plans when asked, some want to implement these themselves

We believe that any project management solution should meet four criteria:

1.  It should be easy to implement within the organization,

2.  It should be accessible to all key stakeholders,

3.  It should be able to measure and track an organization's objectives,

4.  It should be easy to navigate.

After performing extensive research, we have teamed with TouchBase by ProductDossier, our key partner in the Project, Business, and Product Lifecycle Management space.  TouchBase is an integrated solution that is used daily by leading-edge global organizations including Quest Global, Tata Technologies, Thyssen Krupp AG, Bateman and Bilcare.  

The TouchBase Suite includes the following modules to keep your projects and product development product on track, regardless of their size and complexity:

  • Project and Portfolio Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Research and Development Management
  • Electronic Document Management
  • Quality and Compliance Management
  • Supply Chain Management


Each module can be implemented independently or it can be integrated with others to create a holistic solution.

Founded in 2008, ProductDossier is a global enterprise software company based in Pune, India.  Its executive team and advisory board come from the top worldwide engineering and management schools.  It has been named one of the most innovative companies by DataQuest and NASSCOM.  Its software and enterprise partners include Oracle, Autodesk, and IBM.  

If you would like to learn more about this breakthrough product, please contact us at 1(617) 391-0347 or e-mail us at

Project, Product Lifecycle, and Business Management