Blue Sail Consulting: Business Planning, Innovation, and Execution

The following are just a few examples of how we help our clients.  Please contact us at 1 (617) 391-0347 or at if you have questions or would like to find out more.

Case #1:  E-learning Company Market and Business Planning and Execution.

ISSUE AND OBJECTIVE: Analyze the current company capabilities, challenges, resources, and existing competition to develop an actionable Go-to-market plan that would help the company grow while maintaining profitability.

ACTION:  Jointly with the CEO, led the executive team in creating a business plan with well-defined goals and objectives.  The plan included Key Business Objectives, Key Performance and Business Indicators and deadlines and people responsible for each part of the plan to ensure implementation.

RESULTS: Company implemented plan and acquired three new large clients within one year of engagement.

Case #2:  Blue Ocean Strategy Application with a $500M Chemical and Technology Client.

ISSUE AND OBJECTIVE: Help introduce Blue Ocean Strategy framework to one of the top ten largest U.S.  family-held companies with three different business units.  Objective was to create innovative concepts and ideas to grow business by 40%.

ACTION: Helped Headquarter and Global Units VPs and Directors develop Blue Ocean ideas over a two-month period and helped them analyze the viability of implementing these ideas through on-site and virtual meetings.

RESULTS: Company installed innovation process and tested and implemented two Blue Ocean ideas that are expected to increase the company's revenues by $75M and increase profitability by 10%.

Case #3:  Introduction of Indian client's Integrated Project Lifecycle and Business Process Solution into the U.S.

ISSUE AND OBJECTIVE: CEO of Indian company contacted us to investigate possibility of helping his company launch a Project and Product Lifecycle Management solution into the U.S. 

ACTION: After developing a Go-to-market strategy and plan with him, Blue Sail Consulting partnered with his company to introduce solution to the U.S. market.  

RESULTS: We sold TouchBase successfully to two clients in the U.S. and, based on our recommendations, CEO incorporated and created a U.S. office to help his company penetrate the U.S.

Examples of Projects and Engagements