Blue Sail Consulting: Business Planning, innovation, And Execution

One of the key differences between other consulting companies

and ours is that we can help you implement your strategy.

There are many consulting firms that can create great strategies

for their clients.  However, we have held positions similar to those

of our clients in corporations and start-ups and know that a strategy is effective only when communicated and executed correctly.  Thus, we analyze not only the opportunities on the marketplace, but also make recommendations regarding the internal resources (financial, human, and time) needed to take advantage of these and how to obtain and allocate them properly.  Finally, we help our clients develop a communication strategy to obtain buy-in with the rest of the organization and help to put the plan into action, if necessary.

The expertise to make a successful business or market strategy actionable is learned only through years of experience.  We have the domestic and international know-how in multiple industries including retail, aerospace, robotics, automotive, consumer goods, B2B, pharmaceutical and medical devices.  We also have the tools, processes, and frameworks necessary to help you achieve your goals.

Our objective is to create successful, actionable business plans that can be implemented.

Please contact us at 1 (617) 391-0347 or at to find out how we can help you in your execution efforts.

Execution and Implementation