Blue Sail Consulting: Business Planning, innovation, And Execution

One of the key differences between other consulting companies and us 

is that we can help you execute your plans and strategy.

There are many consultants who can create great strategies for their

clients.  However, we have held positions like yours in both corporations

and start-ups and know that strategy only works when it can be implemented.  

The expertise necessary to execute a successful business or market 

strategy is only learned through years of experience.  We have the

domestic and international know-how in multiple industries including retail,

aerospace, robotics, automotive, consumer goods, B2B, pharmaceutical and medical devices.  We also have the tools necessary to help you in this process, including the award-winning Project and Product Lifecycle Management solution, TouchBase by ProductDossier.

We can help you to achieve your objectives by creating and executing successful, actionable business plans.

Contact us at 1 (617) 391-0347 or at to find out how we can help you in your execution efforts.

Execution and Implementation