Blue Sail Consulting: Business Planning, innovation, and execution

We are proud to announce that Blue Sail Consulting is now a Miratech Group Strategy Business Partner

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Mario was recently interviewed by BostonVoyager, an online magazine published by Voyage Media.

Its mission is to create innovative media in cities and communities.  To read Mario's interview, please click here: BostonVoyager Mario Interview


As most of our clients know, the business environment is constantly changing.  The plans and tactics that worked a few years ago, or even a few months ago, will not necessarily work in the future.

Our job is to help clients identify, explore, and maximize their sales, revenues, and profit potential in existing and new markets by helping to create Dynamic, Actionable Business Plans with our proven Strategic Business Planning Process; by helping to create new products and solutions with our innovation Tools and Framework; and by helping to translate plans into action.


We specialize in three critical business areas:

1)  We quickly analyze your business and industry, identify options, and help you establish your long and short term business goals through a solid planning process.  We create likely future scenarios for your industry that we develop by analyzing the competitive landscape; by understanding customer needs; by analyzing your company's strengths and weaknesses; and by identifying the best possible positioning for your company.  We then recommend the best plan of action to help you reach your goals and objectives based on the best scenario for your company.

2)  We help you to launch new products, and to improve your company processes and services to improve your existing portfolio.  We work with you to analyze and to thoroughly understand your markets, customers and competition to innovate and to create successful new solutions and products to expand your portfolio, and to increase your revenues and profits. 

​3)  We help you put your plan into action.   Our consultants are experienced in successfully introducing products and solutions through sales, operations and marketing and have helped clients successfully implement their plans in multiple industries in the U.S. and internationally.  We also can provide you with the frameworks and tools necessary to help you achieve your objectives more effectively and efficiently.


​We Help Clients To Navigate Their Companies Successfully Through Constantly

Changing Business Environments.